Becoming a Registered Speaker

Are you interested in becoming a Registered Speaker with the GrowPHX Speakers Bureau?

The Speakers Bureau will serve the community by connecting knowledgeable speakers in the valley with interested audiences. We have a team of engaging experts on a growing list of topics, and multiple speakers per topic to serve the entire valley.

The opportunity for business owners and hobbyists alike to connect with their audience through educational talks can be life-changing. Speaking is a powerful way to connect with people who are interested in your area of expertise but have not yet discovered you as a local expert.

For business owners especially, in-person presentations build trust faster. Talks allow you to grow your target audience, establish yourself as their local go-to person, and ultimately grow your business!

If you are a hobbyist with experience on a particular topic, we can offer opportunities to present to groups in the area. Your speaking opportunities give you a chance to strengthen your speaking skills, expand your knowledge, and connect with others who are interested in the same hobby.

Topics can include all aspects of gardening, farming, homesteading, chickens, ducks, aquaculture, fishponds, vegetables,  fruit trees, herbs, foraging, desert foods, bees, water harvesting, and so much more!

Please send an email to Katie at to get more information.