Sister Projects

GrowPHX started as a place for creating cool projects for the Phoenix Valley to help strengthen our resilience and encourage residents to grow their own food. The mission has expanded a lot since then, and some of the projects took on a life so big they needed to have their own organization.  Some projects that our team members do on their own are so cool and amazing we can’t help be excited when they happen.  Below are the projects and events that our sister organizations manage or some of our Network team members manage.

Great American
Seed Up

This project started as an idea during dinner between friends on a vacation, just brainstorming a way to create seed storage in the Greater Phoenix Area.  A community event for seed storage and education was devised and it was set up as an event within GrowPHX and promoted locally.
After the 2nd event, it became apparent that the project was going to be bigger than expected, and a separate organization was started so that it could be it’s own entity.  Now annual events are held in September and more ideas are building from there.  Please check out the Great American Seed Up website and find out more about how you can be seed resilient.