Contribution Level 8 – VIP


With this contribution of $1000:

  • Your choice of two bountiful options!

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With a $1000 contribution you get our VIP Level Milling Membership
Contributors will receive their choice of either:


VIP Package A:

  • A one-hour Yard & Garden Consultation by phone with Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm.
    (Farmer Greg uses both Google Earth and photos you send him to help you understand your space, and he can help you with concerns, planning, and layout for your own urban farm.)
  • Your choice of TWO fruit trees from the 2020 Fruit Tree Program.
    (Choose from any of the available bare root trees or 5 gallon citrus trees. Value up to $96.00.)

or VIP Package B:

  • An in-person Permaculture consult with Don Titmus. Don is a local Permaculture consultant and teacher who will walk you through a Permaculture design – just for you and your project. Don generally takes about 90 minutes in all to do a general overview, and then will begin to lay out design features and landscape flags for your future implementation.

Plus both packages get the following…

  • A copy of the Desert Harvesters Recipe Book – Eat Mesquite and More, and
  • Three years of mesquite pod milling up to 10 lbs of millings per year at our events, or 30 pounds for free.


And from the first two contribution levels:

  • Two tickets to this year’s Great American Seed Up
  • We will post a thank you to you on our GrowPHX website, where you can take pride in helping us develop a community focused on food independence.
  • And two pounds of mesquite pod milling for free.

Just bring your harvested mesquite to our next public milling event.


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