Contribution Level 7 – Milling Bonanza


With this contribution of $250:

  • 33 lbs of Mesquite Pod Milling
  • 2 tickets to the Great American Seed Up.
  • Our Thanks!

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With a $250 contribution you can choose level 6 or level 7:

  • This is the second option at this contribution amount – the Level 7 milling membership. This is perfect for the serious mesquite pod harvester because this is where we offer the most milling opportunity. It includes three years of mesquite pod milling up to 10 lbs per year at our milling events.

As well as from the first two contribution levels:

  • Two tickets to this year’s Great American Seed Up
  • We will post a thank you to you on our GrowPHX website, where you can take pride in helping us develop a community focused on food independence.
  • And two pounds of mesquite pod milling for free.

Just bring your harvested mesquite to our next public milling event.


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