Permaculture Education

What is a Permaculture Design Course?

"What is a Permaculture Design Course (PDC)?  It is a 72 hour deep dive introduction into permaculture.  This course is designed to give you a whole new perspective on sustainability and regenerative design.  I like to call permaculture 'the art and science of working with nature'. I look forward to you joining us for this life changing event. " -- Greg Peterson.

What is a Permaculture Class?

We have two options for introducing the basic concepts of Permaculture.

Our free 1 hour Permaculture classes are online webinars or in-person classes set up to help give you a basic overview of what permaculture is and why it can be of use to you in your life.  These take place 2-3 times a year and can be found in our event calendar.

Our full-day Permaculture Classes are designed to give you a look into sustainability and regenerative design with a specific focus on one particular aspect of permaculture.  These will take place 2-4 times a year. Learn more below.

The GrowPHX Intro to Permaculture Classes

We currently offer two full-day Permaculture classes to ease you into the practice and application of permaculture.

Intro to Permaculture with a focus on Water Harvesting. Don Titmus is the teacher for this full-day class delving into the world of permaculture, the benefits and various methods of water harvesting and ways it can improve your yard and community.  This on-site class gives you a chance to explore and see how various methods can be set-up for the maximum benefit in a dry-land environment.  This class takes place at The Bee Oasis in Mesa.

  • Scheduled for November 23, 2019.  Details and Registration HERE

Intro to Permaculture with a focus on Food Forests. In that class you join Greg Peterson as he teaches about the world of permaculture, the benefits of growing your own food, and various ways to expand the food production in your own yard. This on-site class expands way past a basic tour and allows you to see how to apply stacking functions concepts of permaculture in a regenerative, food-producing system while working with the limitations of living in the low desert with it's unique climate and considerations. This class takes place at The Urban Farm in Phoenix.

  • Scheduled for March 14, 2020.  Details and Registration HERE

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The GrowPHX Permaculture Design Course

This Permaculture certification course covers many aspects of design with a Southwest dry lands flavor, including a balance of hands on experience, classroom time, and design practicum. Dynamic exercises encourage pattern recognition, noticing the links between plants and animals, climate, and landforms that make up natural ecosystems. The course focuses on dry land communities with a strong urban and semi-rural emphasis, addressing individual site and neighborhood “problems”, such as storm water flooding.

Students learn to read the landscape, to map and analyze energies flowing through a site, and to develop integrated designs for sustainable systems. The weekend format of the course makes it easier for people who hold a week-day job to attend and promotes better integration of the course material into daily life. Our course closely follows the standard 72-hour format developed by Bill Mollison and others.

Course topics include agroforestry, appropriate technology, building design, design principles and patterning, site analysis, drylands gardening principles, ecosystem restoration, philosophy and ethics of Permaculture, regenerative community economics, soils and erosion control, village and community design, water harvesting, invisible structures, and many other topics.

The classroom site is in the Phoenix metro area with a weekend trip to Permaculture sites in the Tucson area. This course is taught and facilitated by Don Titmus, Kari Spencer & Greg Peterson with a weekend in Tucson with Dan Dorsey & Barbara Rose. Each facilitator has many years of gardening and Permaculture experience.

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