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Happy Hour

Where can you find people to talk to about your gardening or landscaping projects without getting a sales pitch? How can you stay abreast of local organic, permaculture, environmentally friendly, or just super cool events or projects? Join us on the second Thursday each month at the Duck and Decanter on Camelback for a light dinner, a relaxing drink, a short demonstration or education piece, and a fun raffle.  The GrowPHX Happy Hour is mostly a chance to meet people who can inspire or empower you do get your next project done.

Current GrowPHX Happy Hour topics and info can be found on our monthly calendar: www.growphx.com/events

Contact janis@growphx.com if you have questions or suggestions.

Mesquite Mill and Education Program

As part of the Cool Tool Shed, and with an intent to increase our local food security with access to a healthy, local, and native food source, we secured a Mesquite Mill for our valley. This hammermill is the size of a small car when all set up, so not easily stored in just anyone’s garage.  We have built an education program around this and will have a month long series of classes, webinars, harvesting and milling events.

To find out more  click HERE to go to the Mesquite section.

Business Network

This is the group of like minded business owners dedicated to growing food or improving landscapes, with a focus on environmentally respectful practices.  We meet once a month for a 90 minute lunch meeting on the last Thursday of the month to build a business network and share information.  An educational presentation is included in these meetings to help members grow.

Current GrowPHX Network member listing can be found at www.growphx.com/members

For more information contact Janis@growphx.com

Permaculture Design Course

This is a 72 hour deep dive introduction into permaculture. This course is designed to give you a whole new perspective on sustainability and regenerative design. This program focuses on permaculture with the desert in mind.  The GrowPHX Permaculture Design Course takes place over 5 non-consectutive weekends, with one weekend of training in Tucson.

More information is available on our permaculture page growphx.com/permaculture-design-course

Further questions can be directed to renee@growphx.com or janis@growphx.com


Cool Tool Shed

Why does it seem that some of the best tools for the yard or kitchen are so expensive? Sometimes we only need it once a year, so the value does not seem worth the expense.  Well, the GrowPHX Cool Tool Shed is going to be a valley resource for those tools we use once or twice and then put in the garage or shed for months on end.  We can pool our resources, and then borrow those tools instead of buying them.

The first two items in the shed are an Apple Press and a Apple Masher.  These are bench top or table top tools that can help squish and press apples into a proper mash. To borrow these items, please email greg@growphx.com.

To contribute tool ideas, please send an email to Greg or Janis.  To contribute financially to the cool tool shed program, please go to www.growphx.com/contribute

What is next?

Do you have an idea that should live here?  Contact us!