Mesquite Milling 2019

How did our Inaugural mesquite milling go?

We had a fabulous first year for our mesquite education and milling program.  Our turn out was awesome for our first year and very exciting to hear all the stories and help so many people learn about mesquite beans. Here are some key details about the 2019 program.

Education and Milling Events

  • We hosted two webinars, one with Peggy Sorensen and one with Brad Lancaster.
  • We hosted two in-person classes at the Granada Park to  see, touch, and taste mesquite.
  • We hosted a harvesting event at Dale Creek Equestrian Ranch which allowed the collection of many buckets of mesquite beans.
  • We opened our first milling weekend with two days of turning mesquite beans into flour.

Milling Stats

  • Day 1 we had 25 customers with a total of 177.1 pounds of flour produced.
  • Day 2 we had 41 customers with a total of 173.6 pounds of flour produced.
  • With the test runs of flour, our totals were 68 customers and 375.2 pounds of flour.

So with this year under our belt and more mesquite awareness out there, we expect even better results.  Please let us know what you thought!