Mesquite Milling Program

Why the need to use a hammermill:

Only part of the bean is edible

The pulp between the shell and the seed is the most accessible part we use for food. The pith around the stone hard seeds has the protein rich material. Together this provides a nutrient rich food source.

Home milling is not up to the task

Common household milling methods are just not up to the task, and most cannot crack the hard seed coats. In the past, local indigenous tribes used special grinding stones and a lot of physical effort.

A Hammermill does a complete job

A hammermill can crush and grind both the pith and the super hard seeds, discarding the inedible debris in the same process. The resulting yield is higher retention of the nutritious edible portion of the bean.

The hammermill we obtained is perfect for our needs

With this heavy duty, yet easily transportable mill, we can pound the tough mesquite beans into the nutritious flour in less than an hour, and do it wherever we set up our Pop-Up Milling events.


GrowPHX Community Mill

So how does the program work?

Take a class

Learn how to: collect your beans (and when), prepare them for milling, store them until they are milled, and where to take them for milling.

Harvest your beans

Follow the proper procedures to get healthy beans and prepare them for milling.

Get them to the Mill

Take your beans to one of our local events and let us mill them into a delicious, nutritious, flour.

Upcoming Events

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