Mesquite Classes

At GrowPHX and at The Urban Farm, we have hosted several classes on how to choose the tastiest mesquite pods, to safely harvest, and then how to get them ready for milling – and much more cool info as well.  Some of the we were able to record…Check these out!

Mesquite Pod Harvest & Processing

with Peggy Sue Sorensen

This is one of the classes we held in June 2020 during the Urban Farm’s Victory Garden Challenge.
Peggy Sue of The Desert Kitchen, teaches us key elements on harvesting and processing your mesquite pods!
If you catch an in-person class with her, she usually has samples!


ReWilding, ReEnlivening, & ReHydrating

with Brad Lancaster

This is one of the classes we held in June 2019 during the inaugural Mesquite Education Program.
Famous for his Water Harvesting teachings, Brad has been harvesting mesquite pods for decades as well as helping others through the in Tucson.



Mesquite Storing Zoom Class

with Greg Peterson, Don Titmus, Peggy Sue Sorensen and Brad Lancaster.

This is the class we held in lieu of the June 2020 Mesquite Pod Milling Event.  This is our first Zoom meeting and we discuss several elements around the topic of storing mesquite pods until the next milling event.



Mesquite Mini Posters

From Desert Harvesters

This is the link to very useful data sheets on Aflatoxin, Tasting Mesquite Pods, and Desert Harvesters Events.