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Janis Norton – The Urban Farm

Janis is the Manager of the GrowPHX Collaborative. This started as just organizing a few networking meetings, but with the chance to get to know and appreciate the network members and their individual goals, the minor arrangement has developed into a minor passion.  The Collaborative has the potential to be a major influence for community resiliency and she wants to be a part of that change.

Janis is also the General Manager and Podcast Producer for the Urban Farm. A large part of her managing duties include the annual Fruit Tree Program which is the local education and pop-up nursery for the Greater Phoenix area, which gives her an outlet for her mad organizational skills. Her passion to make The Urban Farm a truly valued resource for the listeners, readers, and event participants is obvious in all that she does.

Janis earned her degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University. Her previous work experience was all community and education focused and she thought was making a difference in the world somehow. However, she did not realize how much she could do with the local food system until her Sustainable Food and Farms class. A class she took as a lark, since she had no interest in growing food. Soon after that class she became motivated to learn all she could about gardening and urban farming while using her organization and project management skills to help facilitate a couple of the Urban Farm’s larger events.  From that point on, she has been an active part of the Urban Farm core team as the General Manager and Podcast Producer.

She is bringing her enthusiasm and cheerful attitude to her projects at the Urban Farm, as well as partner projects like the Great American Seed-Up.

She is available to speak about any of the project and programs at The Urban Farm, The Great American Seed Up, The GrowPHX Collaborative.