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Ed Williams – LEHR Gardens

Ed Williams is a civil engineer who uses engineering principles to design better, more efficient gardens. He specializes in innovative and productive backyard garden methods with the goal of shrinking food deserts, one yard at a time.

It all started with the question “what can do this other than me?” With that in mind, Ed carefully considered how to harness the power of nature and work with it. He began to build a garden that would still thrive unattended in a hot Arizona summer, and his concept kept expanding. Each aspect was well thought out and supports the other components.

Now, Ed is the creator of  the patent pending LEHR garden.  This new form of gardening links ecosystem and hardware for regeneration. In doing so, it combines aquaponics, Hügelkultur, mushrooms, myco-remediation, composting, vermicomposting, chickens, and organic gardening.

You can learn about Ed’s LEHR garden here:

Ed Williams’ Speaking Experience:

Ed has extensive, in depth knowledge is several sustainable and regenerative topics. He authored over 140  articles on gardening and sustainability on his blog The Mad Bioneer. He is willing to speak on any of his blog topics or the categories of aquaponics, hydroponics, efficient design, soil creation, composting, fish, rainwater harvesting, or his LEHR garden.

Ed also recently spoke at the MENSA Annual Gathering on low effort, self-sufficiency in small spaces. Ed purposefully filled this talk with technical talk for his audience, but he builds his speeches with his audience in mind. You can view Ed’s MENSA talk here:

Ed’s Urban Farm Podcast Interview:

What do you get when a civil engineer loves to garden but doesn’t want to spend two hours a day in the backyard? You get a LEHR garden! Meet Ed Williams, the creator of this regenerative, functioning ecosystem that utilizes aquaponics and mushroom spawn. His garden beds are low maintenance, create soil, self-water, and fertilize using earthworms, fish, and chicken droppings. Listen in to learn about the amazing backyard garden that Ed is creating at his LEHR Urban Homestead.  Listen in HERE

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