Cool Tool Shed

Why does it seem that some of the best tools for the yard or kitchen are so expensive? Sometimes we only need it once a year, so the value does not seem worth the expense.  Well, the GrowPHX Cool Tool Shed is going to be a valley resource for those tools we use once or twice and then put in the garage or shed for months on end.  We can pool our resources, and then borrow those tools instead of buying them.

We are building a resource for the local valley with cool and useful urban farming tools that we can share with the community.
Stay tuned as this list grows!

Apple Crusher

The first item in the shed was an Apple Crusher.  This is a bench top or table top tool that can help chews up the apples in to smaller chunks in preparation for making apple sauce, or getting ready for the Apple press. To borrow this, please email

Apple Press

Another item is the Apple Press that, well, squeezed the juice out of the apples.  To borrow this, please email

Mesquite Mill

The next item was the Mesquite Mill.  This hammermill is the size of a small care when all set up, so not easily stored in just anyone’s garage.  We have built an education program around this and will have a month long series of classes, webinars, harvesting and milling events. To find out more follow the Mesquite section in our Projects menu above.

What’s next?

To contribute tool ideas, or event the tools themselves, please send an email to Greg or Janis.

To contribute financially to the cool tool shed program, please go to