Business Network

Business Network Mission Statement:

To transform the global food system and improve our lifestyles through nature
starting right here in the Greater Phoenix area.

How we are going to do that:
By building a professional organization of businesses and individuals that enhance the local food system, and improve our lifestyles through nature
by networking, building & sharing connections, and increasing field related knowledge & skills.

GOAL: To build a resilient network that works together for individual successes with a common goal of an improved local food system and healthier nature-based lifestyles.

VALUES: Our mission and goal will be accomplished through the following values:
1) Respect for our community, each other, the natural environment,
and the future generations that will rely on the work we accomplish.
2) Collaboration with each other, and for each other.
3) Dependability as we do what we promise.

Are you interested in joining us?

We meet monthly at the Spoke and Wheel for a networking and education lunch meeting.  This meeting is designed to network with each other, update group on events, and share customer referrals.  Typically, we meet the 4th Thursday of the month (adjusting for holidays). 

We begin gathering at 11:30 am with light networking and place lunch orders (please arrive in this first half hour). We then start promptly at 12pm with our lunch meeting and close at 1:30 pm.

If you are interested, please contact any one of our members or email Janis for more information at

Please refer to our events calendar for the current meeting date.